Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein

Using bright, strident colors and techniques borrowed from

the printing industry, Roy Lichtenstein ironically incorporates

mass-produced emotions and objects into highly sophisticated

references to art history.

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Mr. Brainwash is the pseudonym for the graffiti street artist Thierry Guetta. Rising to

prominence due to a heavily hyped exhibition and a Banksy-directed documentary entitled,

“Exit Through the Gift Shop”, Mr. Brainwash’s uniformly subversive style fuses historic pop

imagery and contemporary cultural iconography to create a unique pop art – graffiti hybrid.

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Mark Seliger

Named a “Master of Photography,” Mark Seliger began his photography career shooting

small assignments for Rolling Stone magazine in 1987, where he specialized in celebrity

portraits and fashion photography.

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Damien Hirst

The thing about Mickey is that even though he’s gone through so many shifts in form

and association, he’s timeless. – Damien Hirst

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