The Invisible Realm Prints

Eonic Love by The Invisible Realm

The Invisible Realm, aka Felipe Posada is a NYC Multidisciplinary Visual Artist working in the fields of Digital Collage, Graphic Design and Animation.

Felipe Posada’s Artwork is a journey through The Invisible Realm: a dimension where visions, memories and dreams take visual form. Through his work, Felipe revisits concepts that have fascinated him and intrigued him throughout his life. The results are large scale digital collages filled with symbolism and hidden meaning.

Subjects such as metaphysics, mythology, space exploration, astrology, sacred geometry and anthroposophy can often be found in Felipe’s artwork, sometimes infused with a dash of retrofuturistic nostalgia and mixed with the inevitable influence of pop culture that engulfs us. Therefore, it is valid to say that Felipe Posada’s work relates to his own existence but it also makes part of a greater conscience …or to be more precise, to the collective unconscious.