The Glass Camera

Flaw by The Glass Camera

Born and raised on the East Coast, with a desire to settle on the West. Biance Gerasia, aka The Glass Camera, is originally from New York and have recently moved to Los Angeles to start a new lifestyle exploring different opportunities.

As a dedicated dancer for 16 years; her friends and herself would always go on photo shoot adventures. Capturing different movements and silhouettes of them dancing. After some time, Gerasia decided to step behind the lens and see what it was like being the photographer. Little did she know how quickly she would fall in love with it.

The idea of capturing a moment, idea, or creation through a still intrigues the artist so much. She love taking pictures of scenery and inanimate objects as well as collaborating with people to create abstract and original work. The artists enjoys bringing people out of their shell and opening them up to a new world of art.

“Just pretend to be a statue with emotions.” For me, photography is a way to create something from anything and make it everything.