PEZ Artwork

Fast Life, PEZ

PEZ Artwork

Originating from Nantes, France, PEZ is a graphic artist producing amazing illustrations and paintings through a contemporary perspective. He renders amazing original works utilizing a relentless appreciation for new graffiti inspiration and pop culture.

Using pencils and spray paint, no stone is left unturned. For PEZ, every art work is an opportunity to engage his audience in a conversation about the transition from everyday life captured on city walls to the imaginary almost pixelated dimension he creates on canvas.

Both a freelancer by trade and an artist in his own right, PEZ artwork cultivates creativity and curiosity with each stroke, developing characters that are extremely life like in their intricacies. In the process of creating, PEZ ventures to see beyond the surface and into the soul of his characters. He personifies each of his subjects giving them a strange appearance that is almost radical in its urban and dreamlike stillness.

Regarding pop culture, PEZ believes it has a fascinating nature. At once garnering phenomenally shitty things, it is also the source of some of the greatest masterpieces. This duality is the nature of our society and something the artist uses as visual fuel in each piece.

Even more stunning in person, these works of art will transport the viewer into another world even if only for a moment.