Ingrid Ching Paintings

Fe by Ingrid Ching

Guy Hepner is excited to introduce an early preview of our newest collaboration with the TAX collection, a creative collective that revolutionizes the relationship between producer and consumer. These new artists are set apart by their ability to influence through social media and make art as accessible as possible. They not only use their canvas a platform for storytelling, but also their Instagram accounts.


“When I wake I don’t ask for a better day, I instead pray for those around me. The sun paints my bed, a canvas for which I am thankful. What more can I ask for than waking in the warmth of a new day, where I have the opportunity to send strength to those who are truly in need.” – Ingrid


Ingrid finds art to be a celebration of individuals, as she views every person as their own original composition. She says. “My art enables me to develop a voice where my words end. It is a voice urges you to consider the positives in light of the negatives, all without saying a word” Her artwork is abstract, yet it always conveys a strong sense of mood. She often draws her inspiration from personal experiences of travel which have revealed to her honest portraits of life. She emulates these moments through a variety of colors and shapes that are exposed through her paintings. Each brushstroke she paints holds its own unique makeup of colors.