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April Henry Art Prints for Sale

April Henry is an artist and poet. This project began when she started to look at art during a long spell of writer’s block, she looked at art ranging all the way from ecclesiastical, renaissance, surrealist, to pop. She wants to bring more messages of melancholy to the internet, and the seldom spoken sadnesses of life, rather than the alienating positive messages that pervade social media today.

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April Henry -Texts From Your Existentialist

The message in April Henry ‘s art is that dread is more universal than one thinks, and she would hope that they don’t feel as alone in their sadness and upset. That maybe they won’t feel psychotic when their inner monologues are like, “shhh!” She wants for the viewer to breathe a sigh of relief that their feelings aren’t exclusive to them and that they can have a sense of comical relief while runnin’ through the six with their woes. She thinks it was, like, really rude that reality didn’t ask her if she’d rather live in Paris in the 20’s. She smokes too many cigarettes, reads Fitzgerald, Rimbaud, Ginsberg, and many more, she lives with her cat in Los Angeles.

April Henry is known for her Texts From Your Existentialist collection.Henry’s Texts From Your Existentialist is now available at the Guy Hepner Shop. The comical and introspective artist mixes high an low culture in her satirical work. In Texts From Your Existentialist she challenges our cyber reality, while given her own spin on the works of Roy Lichtenstein, Rene Magritte, and even Andy Warhol.