Angela China Paintings

Boulevard Motel by Angela China

Angela China

Born in Baltimore, Angela professional painting career did not begin until she moved to Manhattan in 2010. One of the most startling aspects of her career is her quick rise within the NYC art scene with her self-taught, realist style. Having had the opportunity to work alongside several well-known, New York artists, has added to Ms. China’s growth and reputation. For China painting is a form of self-inquiry and self-expression and, in essence, are all self-portraits. Despite the dark undertone, her work invariably portrays the elements of hope, humor and humanity. In September 2013, her art was featured as part of the prestigious New York’s Fashion Week.

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Angela China is showing in “All Art Everything”, a collaborative exhibition between Guy Hepner and Avant Arte.

Avant Arte is a creative collective at is about everything art. Christian and Curtis are based in the Netherlands and have built their global art platform on the basic mantra that art should be shared with the world.

Our goal is to make all art accessible to anyone in the world. To connect people with art and the artist they love. To empower artist and creatives to share their dreamers with the world. To become a part of the art you love.”

The second exhibition of this collective series, Guy Hepner and Avant Arte aim to merge the boundaries of technology and art. The exhibition presents a collection of the most trending artists currently online, and explore the current fascination of social media, technology and the contemporary artist.