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    "Drawing is a sculptural process. I always feel like I'm carving the image out rather than painting the image."
    Robert Longo, born on January 7, 1953, in Brooklyn, New York, is a renowned American artist celebrated for his impactful contributions to contemporary art. Longo's multifaceted career spans drawing, sculpture, photography, and film, demonstrating a versatile and innovative approach to artistic expression.
    Longo's formal art education commenced at Buffalo State College, where he studied under Joseph Piccillo. He rose to prominence in the 1980s with his iconic "Men in the Cities" series. These large-scale charcoal drawings depicted sharply dressed figures in dynamic poses, capturing the energy and disquiet of urban life during that era.
    His exploration of societal themes expanded with the "Corporate Wars" series, offering a critical perspective on capitalism and corporate influence. The scale and intensity of these works solidified Longo's reputation as an artist unafraid to engage with pressing issues.
    In addition to his visual artistry, Longo ventured into filmmaking with "Johnny Mnemonic" (1995), a cyberpunk thriller starring Keanu Reeves. This foray into cinema showcased his ability to integrate narrative storytelling with visual innovation.
    Longo's impact on contemporary art extends beyond his individual works; he played a pivotal role in the Pictures Generation, a group of artists exploring the relationship between art, media, and culture in the late 20th century.
    Throughout his career, Longo has exhibited internationally, with major retrospectives at institutions like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. His commitment to addressing the complexities of the human experience, along with his influence on subsequent generations of artists, solidifies Robert Longo's enduring significance in the art world.
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