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Ryan McCann

Artis Ryan McCann uses his encounters with mass-produced imagery to enter a state of regression. Often employing satirical text laid across the image, McCann challenges the complacent response to a heavily circulated image by violating its physical continuity (or how it first appeared without noticeable change to its composition). What’s more, the act of burning wood becomes a constructive gesture.

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Alec Monopoly

"Alec Monopoly” is the alias of an unidentified graffiti artist. Alec Monopoly uses a cartoonish style to comment on real-world problems, delivering a simplified and exaggerated message nonetheless justified in its decrial of a broken economic system.

New Alec Monopoly Paintings and Sculptures are now available for sale.

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Michele Comte

Michel Comte eschews cheap tricks and thrills and goes straight for that one decisive moment when a woman’s expression and posture reveal her true inner self in his photographs. Michel Comte portrays his subjects with great emotion and intimacy, producing incomparable results in his high fashion photographs.

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Niclas Castello

Niclas Castello's paintings and sculptures are recognized worldwide for their playful nature and extravagant look. Castello takes the mundane and turns it into fabulous art. Specifically, his paintings draw on a more primal Basquiat like aesthetic.

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