Michel Comte

Michel Comte Photography

Guy Hepner is pleased to present Michel Comte photography featuring supermodels Iman and Gisele. Michel Comte portrays his subjects with great emotion and intimacy, producing incomparable results in his high fashion photographs.

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Richard Orlinski

Richard Orlinski Animal Sculptures

Introducing the latest series titled 'Born Wild', Richard Orlinski sculpts to sublimate reality and create living, beautiful and timeless works of art that arouse emotion in the gaze of the other.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat

Leonardo Suite by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Known as a political-poetical graffiti artist, Basquiat's body of work is a Neo-Expressionist and Primitivism aesthetic. Encoding a series of words and symbols, Basquiat represents elements of his cultural heritage as a social commentary on racial segregation and alienation. The loosely defined and abstracted image reflect a fragmented and torn individual.

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Banksy prints for sale

Art by Banksy, the most controversial street artist in the world, are now available at Guy Hepner. His paintings and prints include powerful, striking images often engaging with political themes, satirically critiquing war, capitalism, hypocrisy and greed.

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