Keith Haring

Keith Haring's Apocalypse

Introducing one of Keith Haring's later series, Apocalypse. In 1988, shortly after he was diagnosed with AIDS, Haring collaborated with writer William Burroughs to create the portfolio. Haring’s provocative imagery and Burroughs’s stream-of-consciousness poetry create a vision of the HIV virus as a harbinger of the end of the world.

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Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons Prints and Sculptures Available

Guy Hepner is pleased to present Jeff Koons artwork for sale, one of the highest paid artists alive today. His work has brought him much fame for his Neo-Pop aesthetics and conceptual prowess that borrows extensively from consumer culture along with his artistic stride to communicate with the masses.

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Kate Moss

A Kate Moss Collection

World’s most famous model, Kate Moss, has been one of the world’s largest iconic muse for over 3 decades. Photographers Mario Testino, Albert Watson, David LaChapelle, as well as artists Russell Young, Mr. Brainwash and Banksy have been some of the most influential individuals to do so.

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John Paul Fauves

The Mickey Me Series John Paul Fauves.

"Expressionism is clearly my interpretation of Art.. art is the expression of the soul.” In Fauves' ‘Mickey Me’ collection, the artist represents the loss of innocence in the human being as a hedonist Mickey becomes a figure that seeks pleasure no matter the consequence.

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