Tyler Shields’ Homage to Andy Warhol

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Within a decade, Tyler Shields went from a professional inline skater to ‘Hollywood’s favorite photographer’ and his photos are proof why. Tyler Shields is best known for controversial works that have challenged celebrity culture or provoked the fashion industry, from daring glamour shots with snakes and alligators to alluring shots with models and celebrities such as Heather Morris, Lindsay Lohan, Zachary Quinto, and Nina Dobrev.

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As an in-line skater before becoming a photographer, Shields toured with Tony Hawk and competed in the X Games. In 2003, while packing up an ex-girlfriend’s belongings after a breakup, he borrowed his roommate’s camera and shot a hanger and two pairs of shoes left in the empty closet. Then he sold the photo on MySpace, used the money to purchase a camera of his own, and launched his career. His photographs of young celebrities like Emma Roberts and Demi Lovato have often pushed both his subjects and his viewers out of their comfort zones — and on more than one occasion, they’ve gone too far.

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Now in his latest exclusive release, Tyler Shields strays away from his usual provocative and controversial subject matter to touch upon a new one, pop art. “I have seen this image in my head for a long time now it is so nice to be able to see it in real life,” says Shields, as Pop Art pays homage to Andy Warhol’s iconic Marilyn and Campbell’s Soup Series.

Pop Art by Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields has created an incredible array of collections such as Chromatic, Indulgence, Mouth Pieces, Historical Fiction, Mouthful, and Decadence, where now his latest photo book ‘Provocateur’ includes a collection of his best work throughout. Guy Hepner is please to present exclusive access of Tyler Shields photograph prints. Inquire today on availability.

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