Tyler Shields alongside Richard Avedon

Tyler Shields’ Bunny II has been put on view in the window at Sotheby’s London location. Ahead of the February 15th Erotic Art Online auction, Shields will be on display alongside some of the most renowned erotic artist of the century.

Bunny II By Tyler Shields

As a photographer, Shields has reached a certain caliber as a contemporary artist. With the release for a variety of publications and numerous auction appearance, Shields has secured his place as a figure in the fine art world.

“Shield’s technical brilliance as a photographer has much more to do with the shift in focus from the fragility of the “celebrity photographer” to the output of the contemporary art medium. Most of the talented people who work with him include actors who are serious about their profession, but are not celebrities. People will go to him to make art rather than celebrity photography.”

Sitting in the window next to him is the acclaimed photographer Richard Avedon’s Nastassja Kinski and The Serpent from 1981. Intertwined with a boa constrictor, grappling with temptation, seduction and power, Kinski is clearly referencing deeply rooted concepts in classical art and mythology. Commissioned by Vogue, this iconic image was taken during a two hour shoot when Kinski was at the height of her career.

These themes are also readily used throughout Shields imagery as he explores eroticism and desire through portraiture.

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