The Tao of Dalek

The Tao of Dalek

Chaos and Order are not oxymoron’s in the art of James Marshall, better known as Dalek. Dalek’s work is the perfect combination of geometric shapes, intricate dimensions, and a bright palette. His paintings interpret the absurdity of life and the juxtaposition between imagination and reality. He has always been engaged in skateboard and graffiti subcultures, and Marshall cites his two-year assistantship in the studio of controversial Japanese artist Takashi Murakami as a formative experience when he realized the type of art he wanted to create.


He moved to New York, found early gallery success, merging animation, Japanese pop art, and an urban aesthetic. Marshall’s success, including his role as brand artist for skate gear maker Hurley International and his design collaborations with Nike allow him a rare kind of freedom.

VOID 3ftx3ft

The canvases he creates – kaleidoscopic, faceted rainbow explosions – have brought him international acclaim and a following that includes West Coast skate punks, running-shoe moguls, and serious New York collectors. His paintings have been shown in galleries and museums across North America, Europe and Japan.

Lichtenstein, Signature