The Newness and Strangeness of Jeff Koons

“A viewer might at first see irony in my work… but I see none at all. Irony causes too much critical contemplation”. New York pop artist, Jeff Koons leaves no gap between what his work is and what is perceived, the meaning is only what one perceives at first glance.
Now at Guy Hepner, we have a variety of works by Koons available that bring a sense of challenging newness and strangeness. For example, Girl with Dolphin created this surreal combination of pin-up girl, dolphin and monkey against a banal but colorful background referencing his characteristic themes of childhood, consumerism, and sexuality.
jeffkoons, koons, pop

Girl With Dolphin by Jeff Koons

The “Willy Wonka of art” some might call him. With his monumental reproduction of balloon animals in stainless steel with mirror- finish surfaces, it’s hard not to be captivated. Jeff Koons is regarded as one of the more influential, popular and controversial artists of the postwar era. In 2013, Koons‘ massive balloon dog(orange) sculpture even broke the world record auction price for a work by living artist, selling for a whopping $58.4 million USD!
jeffkoons, koons, pop

Stacked by Jeff Koons

There’s no doubt that throughout Koons career, he has pioneered new approaches to the readymade, tested the boundaries between advanced art and mass culture, challenged the limits of industrial fabrication, and transformed the relationship of artists to the cult of celebrity and the global market.
jeffkoons, pop, koons

Donkey by Jeff Koons