Tax Collection and Guy Hepner Present: Ephemeral

dards and trendsTax Collection and Guy Hepner present: Ephemeral

On August 11th Guy Hepner will partner for Tax Collection to present Ephemeral, an exhibition showcasing eleven of the most trending artists online today.

Distort me no II by Flora Borsi
The TAX Collection is a multi modal creative collective aimed at revolutionizing the way popular culture interacts within producer-consumer, artist-audience, and creator-user relationships.

Untitled (on blue) by Derick Smith
The TAX collection believes that culture stagnates around specific icons and imagery for no apparent reason; it simply just does. The general public has been duped, allowing them selves to be misled into subscribing to industry set standards and trends.

Untitled by Tony Future
“As both consumers and creators, we have come to find that there is a loud dampening of artistic voice in popular culture. If the creator of a product is not setting a trend, they are succumbing to one. We carry the belief that all art deserves recognition, and all creativity be praised. By upholding the individual integrity of every artist, we believe we can not only change the way consumers interact with creators, but also the way they interact with the culture that is created for, and around them.”

Defy Gravity by John Paul Fauves
The TAX Collection celebrates breaking every binary preventing one from doing so – for the sole sake of retaining integrity in every piece an artist creates and in every space they create it in.

It's Not easy to Tell What's Real and What's Fabricated by Sergio Garcia
Running through the month of August, the exhibition includes artists Flora Borsi, Sergio Garcia, Fucci, John Paul Fauves, Pierre Schmidt, Tony Futura, Felipe Posada, Derick Smith, Parker Day, Jessica Kenyon and Bianca Gerasia.

Cloud Nine by Jessica Kenyon
Please join us for the opening of the Ephemeral on the 11th of August at 568 Broadway Suite 502, with unique pieces for sale starting from $5000. For more information visit the gallery or inquire via phone or email.

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