The Tax Collection: 2018 Curatorial Residency

Guy Hepner is pleased to announce the curatorial residency of The Tax Collection, presenting a run of seven exhibitions crafted exclusively with Guy Hepner in the Chelsea art district of New York.

Acting as a catalyst for emerging and established artists, The Tax Collection and Guy Hepner are dedicated to providing a platform for some of today’s most unique and forward thinking talent.

Guy Hepner first collaborated with The Tax Collection in 2016, with a successful group exhibition Ephemeral. This continued into 2017 with solo exhibitions introducing emerging artists such as Dan Lam, John Paul Fauves and Sage Barnes.

The TAX Collection, established in 2015, is a multi modal creative collective aimed at revolutionizing the way popular culture interacts within producer-consumer, artist-audience, and creator-user relationships.

As both consumers and creators, we have come to find that there is a loud dampening of artistic voice in popular culture. If the creator of a product is not setting a trend, they are succumbing to one. We carry the belief that all art deserves recognition, and all creativity be praised. By upholding the individual integrity of every artist, we believe we can not only change the way consumers interact with creators, but also the way they interact with the culture that is created for, and around them. – The Tax Collection

Keep your eyes out for the first installment, KINK by Ben Evans, opening February 1st, 2018.