Sculptures by Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly brings his paintings to life as he creates his most popular icons into physical sculptures. For the New York-born, Los Angeles-based muralist, Alec Monopoly dives into sculpture as a alternative medium from his renowned mural and canvas works and has released new limited edition sculptures as part of Miami Art Week this year.

Monopoly Holding Money by Alec Monopoly

The unidentified street artist’s Monopoly Man has become a icon of the contemporary street art scene. The iconic character has graced the streets, gallery exhibitions and the collections of many art enthusiasts around the world. He now brings the these playful characters into 3D form with the release of several edition sculptures.

Richie Rich Money Cone by Alec Monopoly

In 2015, Alec Monopoly created his first sculptural pieces taking influence from Jeff Koons “Balloon Dog” series. The artist’s Reflective Icons Series are electroplated casting compound hand finished by the artist with acrylic paint.

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The hand painted element of each sculpture is an important component to Alec. Although released as an edition, he takes it a step further by utilizing techniques to signify his Street Art and Graffiti origins to provide each collector with a unique finish.

Sitting on Money Bags by Alec MonopolySitting on Money Bags by Alec Monopoly

To follow up, in early 2017 Alec took a different approach by casting the dollar sign into a three foot masterpiece. From an edition of ten, each dollar sign is also hand finished with a unique painting of his infamous pop cultural characters like Scrooge and Richie Rich.

Scrooge Red Dollar by Alec Monopoly.JPG

Scrooge Red Dollar by Alec Monopoly.JPG

HIs latest release for Art Miami brings his work back to focus on his popularized character Rich Uncle Pennybags. A new color palette of black and silver tones down the usual vibrant hue of the artist to bring a chic and sophisticated finish.

blakc and white cane

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