Ryan McCann

Ryan McCann is not the most conventional artist. He has a background in sports as a former Quarterback for the UCLA Bruins and Cincinnati Bengals. When his career was cut short due to a shoulder injury he started lighting things on fire. Since his immersion into the art world, Ryan has created a niche for himself as a mixed media pyrographer, using a blowtorch to create the majority of the image. He then combines this with oil and acrylic paints to create an image that twists pop culture into communicating the truth.

Ryan McCann- Ice Cube


Often employing satirical text laid across the image, McCann challenges the complacent response to a heavily circulated image by violating its physical continuity(or how it first appeared without noticeable change to its composition).


Death To Kaws by Ryan McCann

What’s more, the act of burning wood becomes a constructive gesture. In adding layers of color to his images, McCann makes the experience of viewing the work similar to that of reading a graphic novel: colors convey emotional gradients and text becomes the accompaniment.

Ryann McCann, Graphic

Death to Koons by Ryan McCann


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