Richard Orlinski spotted in Courchevel

For a second winter Richard Orlinksi is exhibiting his large scale sculptures at Courchevel, a ski resort in the French Alps. Courchevel, the play land for rich and famous, is the ideal location to house Orlinksi’s luxurious works, sitting on the slopes of one of Europe’s most beautiful winter destinations.

Each year, the resort offers a outdoor exhibition titled Art At The Top which aims to bring together renowned artists to exhibit in an open air museum. In a non-traditional installation, the works are scattered throughout Courchevel from the streets of down town to the top of the mountains.

The artist’s rich color palette and sharp, streamline edges play the perfect contract to the snowy mountain village where you’ll find several pieces from his Born Wild series. Simple but strong, the figures evoke animality and savagery while preserving an almost hypnotic beauty. Orlinski reflects on the paradoxical essence of wild beasts at the same time fierce, powerful and dominant but also a symbol of freedom, intelligence, longevity and even sweetness.

Orlinsiki is currently one of the best selling contemporary European artists, who is just beginning to make his mark on the American market. Encompassing materials such as resin, aluminum, marble, stone and bronze, his sculptures aim to impose and contrast their surroundings.

Guy Hepner is pleased to present Richard Orlinski Born Wild series. Inquire today on availability and pricing for Richard Orlinski.