Untitled by Max Makewell

Untitled by Max Makewell

Painter Max Makewell describes his process as a mad scientist experimenting with different colors, shapes, and mediums and has transitioned from portraits to abstract painting. Makewell’s large, bold and vibrant paintings present a sense of visual symmetry achieved by limiting the control of how the paint attached to the canvas.

Part of  Á La Mode Exhibition collaboration with The DNA Life, an exhibit exploring how the power of social media can unleash the contemporary artist. Also featuring artists Tyler Spangler, Archan Nair, Calen Blake, Tipi Thieves, Zack Roif, Witchoria and Eugenia Loli.








Acrylic on canvas




60 x 60 Inches


Untitled by Max Makewell

Á la mode, a French phrase meaning ‘in the current style’, will boast a selection of nine contemporary artists who are working on social media to achieve a wider online fan base of art lovers. The exhibition line up includes artists Tyler Spangler, Archan Nair, Calen Blake, Max Makewell, Witchtoria, Zack Roif, Tipi Thieves and Eugenia Loli.

We have noticed a discounted between artists and artwork people follow on social media with the art that is being showcased and sold in galleries. Guy Hepner and The DNA Life have teamed up to bring these communities together into one space by exploring how the power of social media can unleash the contemporary artist.

This exhibition introduces the first of many series in which Instagram curators and creative collectives collaborate to introduce the freshest art to hit Instagram fame. From a Brooklyn based graphic designer to a St. Louis born sculptor who contrives interactive visual semblances from compressed paper and acrylic paint, the first of the series à la mode, is all about what is new and unique.

Á la mode is on view at Guy Hepner until February 29th, with unique pieces for sale starting from $5000. Visit the gallery or inquire via phone or email today.

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