Niclas Castello Exhibition Preview

Niclas Castello Exhibition Preview:

Guy Hepner is please announced an upcoming exhibition of latest works from German artist Niclas Castello opening May 12th in SOHO. The exhibition will be the first to present Castello’s most recent 2016 collection and will run through until the end of May.

Niclas Castello, popular, castello, pop

​Neo-pop artist Niclas Castello’s skillful use of pop cultural imagery has propelled him to become one of the world fastest rising artists today. His vibrant sculptures and neo-expressionist paintings have lead him to become a vital figure in contemporary popular culture.

Chow - Marilyn

​Castello recontextualizes luxury brands, celebrities and artistic styles to comment on consumerism and its relationship to art and society. His most iconic collections nod to artists that have influenced his work, such as The Kiss to Jeff Koons, his luxury-branded Fire Extinguishers Series are reminiscent of Takashi Murakami and his paintings portray the influence of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Princess of Society
​In his latest work, Castello continues to follow this trend through exploring graffiti artist Retna’s dissociative constructed script and Pop artists Any Warhol’s famed celebrity portraits. The exhibition  will include ten original paintings and sculptures which all prevail Castello’s unique use of vibrant colors, playful compositions and spontaneous brush strokes.

Niclas Castello, popular, castello, pop

​Guy Hepner is proud to present Niclas Castello’s latest collection of unique paintings and sculptures for sale. Please join us for the opening of the exhibition on Thursday May 12th at 568 Broadway Suite 502. For more information visit the gallery or inquire via phone or email.

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