New Blowtorch Works by Ryan McCann

 New Blowtorch Works by Ryan McaCnn

From quarterback to artist, Ryan McCann brings the heat to Guy Hepner.  Based in Los Angeles, McCann is a hardworking actor, writer and artist who has reinvigorated Pyrography, the art of burning wood into forms and subjects. Just like the way a painter carefully applies oil paint to canvas, Ryan McCann scorches a wooden surface with the flames of his blowtorch. Beyond his technique and workmanship, McCann’s artwork subscribes to a pop art conceptual sense, addressing political and cultural tropes with a twist of humor.

Caitlyn by Ryan McCann , McCann, RyanMcCann, Graphic, Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn by Ryan McCann

In McCann’s newest collection, New Work 2015, the artist attacks his paintings with an intensity that is difficult to ignore. He continues to emphasize, “I wanted to become more physical with the work and get after it with power tools and create some depth.”

Works such as his piece, Caitlyn, show McCann’s humor while also displaying his ability for  Trompe-l’œil painting techniques. McCann  shows the gold metal winning Olympian, Bruce Jenner, being torn open by his new identity as Caitlyn Jenner. Ryan McCann‘s artwork challenges revolving ideals of beauty versus ugliness, fame versus anonymity, and talent versus loafing.

Money Creates by Ryan McCann , ryannmccann, mccain, graphic

Money Creates by Ryan McCann

Not only did Ryan McCann attend UCLA and become the only artist in the world who  has ever played for the Cincinnati Bengals, but he is one of very few artists who approach the Blowtorch medium. An admitted pyromaniac, artist Ryan McCann distinctly recalls setting objects on fire as a child and watching with delight as the flames consumed anything that was combustible. His adult self now directs the flow of the flames to create rather than destroy, embracing his own physicality with a forcefulness he uses to rip, tear, and even burn his work.

Football by Ryan McCann , RyanMcCann, McCann, Graphic

Football by Ryan McCann

Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery in New York is pleased to present the sale of Ryan McCann art, form his “Death to” series which includes popular works such as Death to Banksy and Death to Koons, but also his latest series “New Works of 2015“. Inquire on prices to buy Ryan McCann artwork by blowtorch at [email protected]

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SHOE by Andy Warhol