Mr. Brainwash: “I love you!”

Mr. Brainwash approaches art by creating a cross between pop art and graffiti. He lives by the motto that anything is possible in the art world saying, “Art has no walls. Anybody can be an artist. Art has no rules. There’s no manual.”

This approach is carried over to the technique he applies to his paintings and sculptures. His painting titled “I love you!” is made with three simple materials: spray paint, stickers, and plywood. These are materials that can easily be used by anyone- proving his point that art has no barriers or rules. Something beautiful can be created out of almost nothing.

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The stickers on the painting read ‘Fragile.’ These stickers are often put on boxes and delicate items. With something as simple as a sticker, Mr. Brainwash is creating a metaphor for the fragility of love. This statement is said so casually and often, reflected by the playful graffiti writing he uses, but beneath he reminds viewers that love is delicate. The composition of multiple overlaying fragile stickers are contrasted with bold black text, alluding to the fragility of human emotions.

i love you spray can

He creates the sculpture version of this painting in the form of a spray paint can, continuing the theme of graffiti crossed with his commercial art. His other sculptures also follow the theme of love, one stating “Je’taime” and another “Life is Beautiful” in playful colors and handwriting.

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As an artist Mr. Brainwash intends to share the beauty in life through his art. He began as a videographer, bringing his camera along anywhere he went and always documenting. He acquired his name by realizing that every act each individual does, whether it be watching a show, buying clothing, or even eating food- is all a result of being brainwashed by marketing. He even often will take know brands such as Nike and Toys R Us and twist their slogans to make comical statements.

Mr.Brainwash, MBW, sculpture, popular,

Brainwash sets himself apart from most other contemporary artists by breaking all rules. He is unafraid to mix two different styles or create art out of unexpected materials and subject matters.

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