Mister E Presents #GOLDBASEL

Mister E Presents #GOLDBASEL

Guy Hepner is pleased to work with Miami-based contemporary artist, Mister E. Known for his enormous colorful paintings of US Currency, Mister E has invested in gold this year with his solo exhibition, #GoldBasel, during the coveted Miami Art Week, and Art Basel Miami 2016.

Tommy Jr by Mister E

Located in the heart of Miami’s Art & Design district, at 2916 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127, this massive 24,000 sq ft. show will be the blank canvas for Mister E’s historic #GoldBasel. Projected as a “Top 10 Miami Art Week Event” #GoldBasel will be unveiled to the elite with an ultra-exclusive, invite only, Gold influenced Indoor VIP party on evening of Thursday, December 1st 2016.

The Exhibition will be open to the general public Dec 2nd through Dec 4th . The outdoor fair will be open to the public from Dec 1st through Dec 4th.

For his #GOLDBASEL exhibition, Mister E has collaborated with Lamborghini to unveil a special body of work he has created from vintage Lamborghini motor parts. A series of mega installations will be featured alongside a fleet of custom gilded vehicles. Live “Money Laundering” installation presented by Party Robot Inc. will be present as well.

“My work is a representation of how I feel the world works. Money controls the world, yet I don’t believe it is by any means the most important thing in the world. People mostly view money as something evil, and associate money with greed. Through my work, I want to expose the beautiful side of money.”

Benny Jr Red by Mister E

“Money represents freedom, it should inspire people to work hard, and motivate everyone. Money can allow people to have freedom to do what they choose, be charitable, live stress free. I am trying to bridge the gap between the 1% and the 99%. People talk so much about social inequality and the unfair distribution of wealth, but we are not going to make any progress is there is no communication between the two.”

Please contact Guy Hepner via phone or email to purchase unique paintings, sculptures and installations from Mister E’s #GoldBasel exhibition.

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