Mesplé Exhibition

Mesplé Exhibition

Marrying his interests in archeology and metal work since age 11, Eric Mesplé’s unique bronze and steel sculptures are born. With a life-long experience in the technologies including black smithing, engineering, sculpting and molding, this American artist reveals a technology-mediated exhibition at Guy Hepner which combines his fascination to portray an engaging cynical, yet ironic, display.


Larker, EricMesplé, Mesplé, sculpture, emerging

Larker by Mesplé

A common theme of his work, Mesplé is influenced by a desire to explore and heighten viewer relationships such as Mesplé’s sculpture, Larker. Casted in bronze and welded together as a wall installation, the consummate artist exploits his adoration for the paradoxical nature of the classification of subcultures. His familiarization with the materials and mediums of the more physical realm of sculpture merge with a perpetuating knowledge of technology.

Imposed, EricMesplé, Mesplé, emerging

Imposed by Mesplé

This cynical character of Mesplé’s, Imposed, has been sentenced to life. The fully functioning bronze bar and lock hold the key that keep this skeletal figure from imposing any further. Shamed forever in its concrete wall mount, Imposed begs hopelessly to be freed. His methodology supersedes his years, and is reflected in the immaculate works brought to life by his expert hand through intense and often ironic imagery.

EricMesplé, Mesplé, emerging,

Absolution by Mesplé

Taking a look into Mesplé’s most recent projects, such as Absolution above, he includes the use of magnetism and kinetics to create one of a kind interactive sculptures that move as you do. Through manipulating the properties of a substance called ferro-fluid, a metallic liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field, Mesplé creates a sculptures that come to life. As the liquid is poured over the sculpture, the liquid puckers into a spike that follows the reflection of movement of a viewer’s moving body.

Guy Hepner Contemporary Art gallery in New York is pleased to present the artist Mesplé sculpture, bronze, steel metal art work for sale. Inquire on prices to buy Mesplé art.