Keith Haring Pop Art of the Street

Keith Haring created a unique visual language with his artwork. He was one of the most influential American social activists and artists in the 20th century. He is a devoted artist who raised discussion of birth, death, sex and war. The usage of primary colors and simple figures make his art very distinctive. The style he created had become representative of street culture in the 1980s.

The Pop Shop series emerged as Haring opened his two shops. The Pop Shop itself is Haring’s artwork. He stated: “Here’s the philosophy behind the Pop Shop: I wanted to continue the same sort of communication as with the subway drawings. I wanted to attract the same wide range of people and I wanted it to be a place where, yes, not only collectors could come, but also kids from the Bronx … this was still an art statement.”

Keith Haring’s 1988 series titled Growing is a collection of 5 screenprints. The images expand from a center figure. All parts of the image are interconnected with each other. They represent stem from the single individual. In the series the artists expressed his understanding of social and individual values of gender, race and sexuality.

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