Introducing: Dan Rees, Artie Vierkant and Jean- Baptiste Bernadet

Introducing: Dan Rees, Artie Vierkant and Jean- Baptiste Bernadet

Guy Hepner is please to introduce emerging artists Dan Rees, Artie Vierkant and Jean- Baptiste Bernadet, now available for purchase.

Dan Rees is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work spans across a variety of mediums. Born in the United Kingdom, Rees currently lives and works in Berlin and is most known for his conceptually oriented abstract paintings that often work in dialogue with existing art. Many of Rees works suggest social and political components through aspects that speak to his Welsh heritage and middle class upbringing.

Dan Rees, emerging

Shaker Peg Painting comes from a series of work which Rees completed in 2011. The series saw monochromatic canvas mounted onto shaker peg rails at various heights displayed around a gallery space. This piece engages both process-driven and concept-based approaches to art making.

Artie Vierkant’s work centers on the interaction between the physical and digital entities of art. Born in Minnesota, Vierkant currently lives and works in New York and has been credited for leading debates related to both the development of art in a ‘post internet’ age and to its contemporaneous intellectual property rights.

Artie Vierkant, emerging

His Image Object series started in 2011 and has become a continually ongoing project for the artist. This series explores the importance of how art can be represented across different media, by creating works that exists somewhere between physical sculptures and altered documentation images. “Each piece begins its life as a digital file, of which countless variations exist. These are then rendered as UV prints on dibond and precision-cut to the form of the piece to create photographic prints with the depth and presence of a sculpture.”

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, paintings, emerging

​French born artist Jean- Baptiste Bernadet is an emerging artist with alluring style. Now based in Brussels, Bernadet is known for exploring paintings many dialects. It is evident that Bernadet is fluent in many styles- minimal, monochromic, gestural, impressionistic, as his works aim to challenge the viewer’s perception of color, shape and focus in several different ways.

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, paintings, emerging
Untitled (Retour) and Untitled (Fugue XXVII) amplify Bernadet’s approach to painting which sees him attack the canvas to create a fugitive sense of perception and memory. His process of building up the canvas using thin brush strokes, both progressively and systematically, prevent the viewers eye from locating any points of focus. These repeated marks work together to create an effect that move between the recognizable and the abstract.

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