Estate Prints by Basquiat

Estate Prints by Basquiat

Jean Michel Basquiat’s legacy is defined as much by tragedy of doomed genius as it is by his artwork.”
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The Estate of Jean Michel Basquiat plays a major role in keeping this legacy alive. Administrated by Gerard Basquiat, the late artist’s father, the estate works to preserve and exhibit the artwork of Basquiat.

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The estate continues the make some of the most highly desirable and collectable artworks of the artist available by releasing limited edition prints exhibiting the artists characteristic style: rooted in expressionism, but influenced by everything around him, from high culture to jazz.

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Hollywood Africans in front of the Chinese Theater with Footprints of Movie Stars, published by Flatiron Editions, was released by the estate in 2015. The edition of 60, which is related to the widely known 1983 artwork Hollywood Africans, shows Basquiat with friends, the artists Toxic and Rammellzee. The subject of the work memorializes a time when all three artists were in Los Angeles during Basquiat’s second exhibition at the Larry Gagosian Gallery. The work, a commentary on the stereotyping and marginalizing of African Americans in the entertainment industry, led them to coin the term and refer to themselves as the “Hollywood Africans.”

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Soon to follow was the release of the most recent screen print from the estate title Flexible in 2016. Published by Flatiron Editions, the edition of 85 is based on a panel painting created in Basquiat’s Venice, California studio in 1984. The print portrays the griot—a storyteller, entertainer, and purveyor of oral history from West African culture. “Basquiat’s signature broad, aggressive brush strokes and flat areas of color both reveal and conceal previous layers of paint and imagery, framing one of the artist’s most arresting and iconic figures.”
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Guy Hepner is pleased to offer Hollywood Africans, Flexible and several other estate prints for sale. Inquire today to purchase these limited edition artworks.
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