Digital Consciousness by Krista Kim

“Techism is the future, lights are my medium, innovation needs creativity. I’m helping to create this dialogue as a foundation for other artists to create and be inspired by technology.”

No. 61 v.2 by Krista Kim

Krista Kim is one of the foremost artist working in Techisim, a movement that reconciles technological innovation with the creation of art. This relativity young movement explores technology as a medium and tool to anticipate the next evolution of art and how this will effect human expression, a concept she’s coined “digital humanism”.

No 706 v5 by Krista Kim

“The more involved artists are in conversation amongst leading-edge technology innovators, the more humane the future becomes. If art is left out of that conversation, you have a tech revolution that is devoid of human element. We must have art thrive in the world of technology, because it can.”

Influenced by artists including Robert Irwin, James Turrell, Toko Shinoda, Rothko and Cory Arcangel, Krista Kim strives to craft a new technologcally-innovative process for finding beauty in our booming digital era. For Krista, light is the new ink. The artist works with a large database of LED light photography, Photoshop, binary code and dynamic software in order to produce her distinctive and captivating works of art.

No. 657 v.17 by Krista Kim

“LED lights are always shining in our retinas, we are always looking at a screen. Instead of believing these lights are a source of distraction, I am driven to create art with them…I’m helping to create this dialogue as a foundation for other artists to create and be inspired by technology.”

No 909 by Krista Kim

Krista Kim works with progressive engineers and printers to promote a new understanding of the role of the artist in our digital society. She create a new vibrant language in which an artist can code or collaborate to create this new dialogue.

No 707 by Krista Kim

“If you look at a digital photograph, we are trained to see it as a photograph but we forget that it’s made up of binary code. Everything that we are capturing digitally is binary code. It’s algorithmic art and what I’m doing is algorithmic abstraction. We are expanding the parameters of art, art’s definition, and what it means to be an artist. It’s very hard to change your perspective, and even artists get stuck in paradigms. However, in the digital age we live in, it’s important to think about the art that we can make that is relevant to this moment.”

No. 112 by Krista Kim

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