Ben Evans presents Kink

The TAX Collection + Guy Hepner present ‘KINK’, a solo gallery exhibition by Ben Evans. Opening February 1st, ‘KINK’ is a collection of Evans’ latest body of work exploring the interactions between solitude, independence, and the spaces we inhabit.

Breakfast by Ben Evans

The Brooklyn based painter’s canvases have an inescapable rawness to them. Capturing androgynous figures, Evans uses his art as a way to expose and normalize what people do behind closed doors.

The main inspirations I’ve been taking from are interiors that are familiar to me. I have a really deep connection with spaces and the way that humans interact inside a home.

Figure In Yellow by Ben Evans

The paintings are animated with with colorful characters seen smoking weed, eating ramen and engaging in S&M. Evan’s endeavors to capture these moments in time in which his audience can relate to similar experiences, whilst also commenting on current social and political topics such as identity, genre norms and feminism.

Mask 1 by Ben Evans

“I am very conscious of gender and the departure from gender norms in my work. I wouldn’t label any of the figures as male or female. I think a lot of people see the hair as political and feminist when they look at the work, and I really like that there’s a definite undertone of progressive gender politics that reveals itself.”

Mask 2 by Ben Evans

The 22 year old artist also uses real estate websites to gather inspiration for the interiors that he creates. “I started out by going on Zillow and Streeteasy, looking through interiors of houses and making up narratives for these places that I’d never been inside of before. So I was projecting my own gross ideas of the insides of these spaces, and how much people could have done in them.”

Still Life Realized by Ben Evans

Guy Hepner first collaborated with The Tax Collection in 2016, with a successful group exhibition Ephemeral. This continued into 2017 with solo exhibitions introducing emerging artists such as Dan Lam, John Paul Fauves and Sage Barnes. The TAX Collection celebrates breaking every binary preventing one from doing so – for the sole sake of retaining integrity in every piece an artist creates and in every space they create it in. Without the artist, there would be no “art.”

Summer Time by Ben Evans

Kink will be on view at Guy Hepner NYC through March 16th, with unique artworks for sale. Guy Hepner is open to the public Monday– Friday 10am-5pm, and via appointment at all other times. Please join us for the opening reception on February 1st, at 7pm.