Photography by Rankin

Photography by Rankin has exerted a profound direct and indirect influence on cultural and trend opinion. It established the stylists involved into the fashion world, brought to the forefront musicians just starting out, and built careers of budding photographers, including Rankin himself.

An infamous workaholic, Rankin has photographed subjects from Kate Moss and Madonna, to the Queen from Tony Blair to Oasis. It is clear that celebrity holds little allure for him, however, looking at his body of work, some of his most outstanding images are also from a series of nudes featuring ordinary people. He consistently seduces with his images, by drawing out individual personality, while considering and commenting on broader ideas through his photography. Ranking has never shied away from addressing subject matter, including issues from domestic violence to body image in both his personal work as well as charity and commercial projects. He made headlines with his campaign for Dove which included women of all sizes, as well as charity campaigns for Amnesty International, Everyman, Special Olympics, Refuge, Women’s Aid, and a recent project for breast cancer research amongst many others.



About Rankin:

Rankin was born in Glasgow in 1966. While taking a course in accounting, he realized that this was not the future he dreamt of. He dropped out of class to study photography at the London College of Communication. Here, Rankin then decided to start a campus magazine, visiting different classes rallying up volunteers to help, and eventually meet, Jefferson Hack, a key event in Rankin’s artistic career. Together they create the famous Dazed & Confused Magazine which went viral across the student campus. It was something people wanted more of, so the pair launched it publicly in 1992 putting them both on the road to success. The monthly issue soon became a cult reference, discovering emerging young artists and displaying their work in the fields of fashion, design, photography and literature.