Unqiue Works and Monoprints

As with his paintings, the monoprints are realized through oil paint, slathered on in thick layers. To make these works, deeply carved Plexiglas plates are filled with paint, the surface is covered with paper, and a hydraulic press applies 750 tons of pressure, thus transferring the marks on the plate to soft-yet-durable sheets of handmade paper. This process results in works with surfaces so rich and tactile that they read almost as sculptural reliefs and entice touch.
Throughout his career, the artist has explored the intersection of linguistic and visual representation. His early works dissected the art object and formed the ‘analytical’ groundwork so crucial in informing the basis for the more ‘synthetic’ works of recent years. The overriding question at the heart of his project has always been the same – How do we receive and interpret different types of information?


Kvetch by Mel Bochner
KVETCH by Mel Bochner
KVETCH by Mel Bochner