Around the World with Jacob Riglin

Around the World with Jacob Riglin

This month Guy Hepner is excited to launch the latest releases from British photographer @Jacob. In the last year, the artist has travelled around the world to capture some of the most beautiful cities including Prague, NYC, Bali, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Hawaii.

Taj Mahal, India by Jacob Riglin

At the young age of 22, Jacob Riglin, known simply as @Jacob on Instagram, has quickly become one of the world’s most renowned photographers on social media. His work, which spans the realms of travel and lifestyle, has encouraged an audience of nearly 500,000 people to follow him as he explores the far reaches of the planet. 

Dubai by Jacob Riglin

Pushing the boundaries of photography through his risk-taking and often daring lengths he will go to capture the perfect moment, his work has been featured in numerous global publications. This has quickly put him front and centre of a new generation of emerging millennial photographers, unrestricted by the rules and opinions of the older generation.

London Eye by Jacob Riglin

The bold and bright colours Jacob uses in his images are a nod towards the vibrant and busy environment of his home, London. His use of extreme angles, from the rooftops of Manhattan, to dangling out a helicopter over Hong Kong has given him a body of work unlike anything else. Pairing this with the determination of finding unique and unseen perspectives, Jacob has quickly become a daily inspiration for a huge, global audience.

Hawaii 4 by Jacob Riglin

The latest photographs by @Jacob will be available for via our online store starting from $2,000. Inquiry today to purchase limited edition works via phone or email.

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