Antoine Verglas Celebrity Photography

Antoine Verglas Celebrity Photography

“I’m always trying to bring out their true personality and their own charm through either a smile or an attitude.” – Antoine Verglas


Antoine Verglas photos search for truth through his lens and captures, exposes and delivers photographs that are not only beautiful but elemental and sensual, in essence conveying the message that reality is not what we see but truly what we discover and create for ourselves. His subjects resonate, impelling the audience to steal another intimate glance at the photographs with its mixture of sophistication and passionate innocence.

Verglas finds his own meaning of  ‘Glamour’, where fashion and art intertwine at a quality unique only to his eye. Having been immersed in the fashion world for nearly three decades, his subjects are some of the most well known and beautiful starlets, models and people in the world. From Angelina Jolie’s temptress attitude to Victoria’s Secret Adriana Lima’s coquettish smile and Gisele Bundchen’s candid grace, they all show a side of themselves that can only be portrayed with elegance and glamour. His style creates an  intimate output from striking women stripped-down, lured in and appreciated from a voyeuristic standpoint. The Antoine Verglas Collection at Guy Hepner Art Gallery is expressive to his philosophy for beauty and glamour.

antoineverglas, verglas, fashion , VS Cannes Adriana Lima by Antoine VerglasAssociated with the supermodel culture of the 1990s, photographer Antoine Verglas was responsible for some of the period’s most famous images of models. He pictured top models at home in very personal portraits just as they were reaching celebrity status. Since then, Antoine Verglas set up his studio in NYC and has experienced a rapidly growing portfolio of celebrities, fashion, and magazine covers, remaining true to the intimate portraits of distinct women, that possessed an almost documentary aesthetic, a style that has become the his signature.

After achieving success for this work, Verglas became a go-to name for major fashion publications such as Elle, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, and Vogue. His naturalistic, high-gloss aesthetic became a dominant style in the field and influenced many of the photographers who came after him.


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