Andy Warhol’s Mick Jagger Series

Andy Warhol’s art transpired on his obsession of celebrity icons. With Mick Jagger in particular, Warhol combined all his interests- photography, collage, and drawing to create a more collage type depiction of the star. Warhol took ten photographs of Jagger and re purposed them by adding graphic color aid papers and drawing atop to create a more casual effect.

One was the singer and creative powerhouse behind one of the most successful band on the globe; the other was the world’s greatest pop artist.

When the singer of one of the most successful bands on the globe and the world’s greatest pop artist unite, an incredible outcome is expected. The friendship began long before the making of this series. Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger met at a party much before the success Jagger was about to experience. This friendship continued on to Jagger being featured in Warhol’s magazine, Interview, and Warhol even getting the honor to completely design an album cover.

Mick Jagger 147, Andy Warhol, Pop ArtThis friendship explains how Warhol got to the point of adding Jagger to the many iconic celebrities he used as artistic subject matters. Unlike his other celebrity artworks, he takes a more loose approach with Jagger, implementing a collage-like technique. Each image captures a different aspect to Jagger’s personality. Through color and line usage, Warhol gives each piece its own unique feeling- some being happy, sad, and even confused looking. Warhol was on a mission to expose that behind each icon we worship is a multifaceted human.

Mick Jagger 140, Andy Warhol, Pop Art

Their friendship made the photographs feel more personal, unlike many other celebrities that Warhol has captured that end up being more distant. To inquire about any of the prints please contact [email protected]

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