A Loss of Innocence featuring John Paul Fauves

This March, Guy Hepner will partner with The Tax Collection to present A Loss of Innocence, a solo exhibition by John Paul Fauves opening Thursday March 2nd at 7pm


A Loss of Innocence explores our own humanity as we mature, become increasingly desensitized, and ultimately grow farther away from our incorruptibility as children. Fauves uses intense color as a vehicle for describing light and space, and redefines our color and form as a means of communication of the artist’s emotional state.


John Paul Fauves is a contemporary painter/ sculptor based out of San Jose, Costa Rica. His work is heavily inspired by the Fauvist movement, as he seeks to explore hedonism and redemption through his bodies of work. Utilizing the iconic “Mickey” icon, Fauves tackles life’s most challenging questions in regards to the losing of one’s innocence, and to visually represent “the seeking of pleasure no matter the consequence.”


“I have painted since I can remember, I now understand that this passion for art is the soul trying to express itself through various colors and strokes.”

“This being an individualistic style that lacks a classical order which in turn uses color to communicate feelings. Expressionism is clearly my interpretation of Art. I think that art is the expression of the soul.” 

The exhibition includes twelve new works by the artist, who primary paints using acrylic on canvas.


Guy Hepner first collaborated with The Tax Collection in 2016, with a successful group exhibition Ephemeral. The TAX Collection is a multi modal creative collective aimed at revolutionizing the way popular culture interacts within producer-consumer, artist-audience, and creator-user relationships. 

The Loss of Innocence will be on view at Guy Hepner NYC from March 2nd, with unique artworks and sculptures for sale. Guy Hepner is open to the public MondayFriday 10am-5pm, and via appointment at all other times. 

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